Washington, alone

The “sakura (aka cherry blossom) festival” is allegedly one of the most gorgeous view in DC, thanks to my spring break (a little bit early though) I took a trip there.

I got up very early in the morning (around 6:00 A.M.) and rushed to downtown to catch up my bus (yes it’s bus!). New York was really busy at that time and the traffic jam was terrible.

Five hours later, I finally walked on DC’s ground. The bus dropped me at Union Station, the biggest transport center in DC.

Compared with NY, the metro in DC is much better. It is not only clean and fast but also cheap!

The first day, I went from Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial. And firstly I went by the White House, it’s always alert while there were many people around, including visitors and protesters.

The White House. There was no way I could go closer.
This is my favorite picture I have taken during this trip. A peach blossom under Washington Monument.

To show their “good” friendship, The mayor of Tokyo planted 3,000 Cherry blossoms around Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Unfortunately, none of them was blooming when I visited, they were just buds. Luckly I got my Kumamon with me!

That’s pretty much for the first day, and the second day I went to some museums, it was really great, and most important, it was free to everyone! Then I went to Arlington National Cemetery in the afternoon. There buried JFK and many unkown soldiers (also the last scenario of the famous film “Saving Private Ryan” was framed here). I was not so touched since I’m not an American, but I bet it could be the best way for fostering patriots.

I also found a blooming sakura in the Cemetery! This tree is called ‘Okame’ (おかめ in Japanese, a type of sakura trees).

However, wish next time I will not be alone writing this meme any more. Should someone sit next to me, and smile.

桜の花の落ちるのスピード、秒速五センチメートル 。


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